Bootcamp and Tutoring Program

Students in Burkina-Faso are required to pass a national exit exam in order to transition from primary school to middle school, from middle school to high school. Last year only 56% of students passed the entrance exam to 7th grade from 6th grade to middle school in Zigla.

Botiminto contracts teachers to mentor and tutor sixth graders in order to increase the success rate on 6th grade exit exams and thus decrease the drop out rate. Teachers hold tutoting boot camps after-school (afternoons and evenings) and on weekends one month before the national exams. The Organization intends to organize a "buddy system" between lowerclassmen and upperclassmen to create accountability and create a support network for students (big brother/big sister). The upperclassmen present an invaluable academic resource to the younger students, many of whose parents and siblings did not attend school. In preparation for the CEP (the exit exam from primary school), the first bootcamp launched in May 2017.