Mahama Samir Bandaogo

Mahama Samir Bandaogo

Tuesday, 17 April 2018 21:44

Expenses Report for 2017

In keeping with our commitment to transparency and building trust with our donors, we have prepared a summary of all our expenses for this passed year. In a nutshell, we have raised $4500 since we launched Botiminto in January 2016 and have so far spent $2200. The details of the spendings can be found in the tale below. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with your questions and/or concerns.







Fundraiser expenses

Art shipping and commission

Some arts was donated to us and we had to
pay for shipping.



Business cards and flyers

Flyers and business cards for the fund raiser




Boot camp

Teachers' salaries

We paid teachers to come tutor 6th graders over
4 weekends



Trial exams

We also administered two trial exams to get
the students more practice



Award ceremony

School supplies

The top three students of each grade received
a complete set of school supplies for their grade.



42 Backpacks

Each student also received a bagpack.



4 tablets

  We gave a tablet to each 6th grade teacher for
effort in preparing the students for the exit exam.



4 bikes

  The top four students at the exam received a bicycle.




Fees to date

  Paypal charges a fee for each transaction/doncation.


From October 2017 to late January 2018, the academic schedule was disrupted by strikes and riots around the nation. Botiminto was not able to conduct our Annual Bootcamp with the students of Zigla. Although disappointing, we are grateful and encouraged by the fact that the government is taking action towards improving the conditions of the educational system in Burkina faso.

The 2018 National Exams have been administered and graded, the results are now in!

  • Zigla School A passing rate in 2017 was 95%. This year, despite the political unrest in the region 49 out of 57 (85%) students passed their exams and will be continuing their educational journey. Despite the setbacks, School A was able to rise and beat the odds.
  • Zigla School B unfortunately was hard hit by the turmoil and finished the school year with a passing rate of 38.7% compared to 87% from the previous year.

Although we cannot pinpoint specific factors explaining why School A performed at a higher rate than School B, we know that Botiminto’s Bootcamps have an immense impact on students success as shown by last year’s passing scores. This impact is powered by YOU our supporters. THANK YOU!
Botiminto in Seattle

Botiminto’s community is Global with contributors from China, Burkina, and Ghana, but Seattle, WA is where the seed was planted. Thank you all for going on this journey with us. We could not do this work without your compassionate hearts and your passion for youth education.

We are extremely excited to announce that Botiminto and Alkebu style are official sister organizations. What is Alkebu Style? A socially conscious clothing enterprise uplifting Burkinabès tailors while sharing our love of African prints with the world. Check it out and order your shirts NOW at

Botiminto in Burkina Faso

Botiminto committed to our Annual Award Ceremony, this past June. The ceremony is to celebrate and uplift our dedicated teachers in Zigla. The ceremony serves to also motivate and incentive our students and excite the whole community for the upcoming school year. Your donations were sent to this community and spent on essentials such as books, backpacks and other instructional materials needed in the classroom. Additionally, Alkebu Style contracts solely with Burkinabè tailors to craft our beautiful patterned clothing items.

Botiminto and Alkebu Style both are excited for the year ahead. We feel great things on the horizon and we know we will achieve them because of your continued support!